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WQXD    God's Country!

FM 97.3  Huntsville      FM 97.9  Athens

FM 101.7 Somerville    FM 96.5 Trinity


       Potential Audience of  over 120,000 people   



Click the "PLAY"button to hear the best God's Country Music! 

Serving northern Alabama over the air on FM 97.3, FM 97.9, FM 96.5 and streaming around the world 24 hours a day on the Internet at WWW.HELP-RADIO.INFO , 24 hours a day. 


Our programming is a mix of the best in inspirational Country music.....We pride ourselves as being patriotic and include the best in patriotic country.

 Our founders are  James and Carol  Henderson, of Emmanuel Ministries. 

 Get your message on WQXD FM!  Call James at 256 337 0826 or email, Emmanueljrh@BellSouth.Net


Thanks for listening!   

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